Dispute Resolution

Kilgallen and Partners have successfully performed services in various forms of dispute resolution, including the following:

  • Advising on the contractual validity of claims;
  • Advising on preparation for arbitration;
  • Preparation and presentation of claim reports;

Morgan Kilgallen has in his own right, acted as Arbitrator in a number of consumer disputes in the past.

  • Case management and representation of clients at Conciliation in respect of extension of time claims and additional cost claims arising from delay and disruption from a variety of causes such as unforeseen conditions, variations and change orders, late instructions, relations with statutory undertakers and other contractors etc.
Expert Determination:
  • Acting as an agreed independent expert to review the position of the Employer and the Contractor in respect of contractual claims submitted by the Contractor, leading to the successful resolution of final accounts in respect of many construction projects.
  • Conducting independent formal Risk Assessments involving detailed assessments of service providers’ methodologies on behalf of Local Authorities in respect of disputes both at design stage and construction stages of major and complex projects followed by client representation at subsequent successful negotiations;
  • Successful negotiation of numerous final accounts on major construction projects and on other building and civil engineering contracts, while acting as Engineer, Employer’s Representative and Independent Expert on a range of different projects.
  • Including High Court proceedings in respect of quantum claims and counterclaims for defective work in respect of construction contracts;
  • Numerous High Court and Circuit Court personal injury related actions.